Saturday, September 26, 2015

least expected

last night when i throw my jeans into the washing machine along with other clothes i heard a loud sound like "thak!!" well i didnt think that i have coins or anything in any of the clothes i throw into the machine full of water and it is already spinning with 2 cups of laundry detergent powder. it was not till the rinse stage with water pouring in i know now why the loud sound came out. i forgot to take out my pedometer from the jeans pocket.. desperately taking it out from the tangled clothes the cover screen was cracked and obviously nothing on the screen. exactly like before i change the battery and it was only like 6 hours before the dead blow. and it was after months i kept the pedometer in the drawer unused. it got me to think that what you have, use it like NOW or else you gonna be sorry because they also have a life span and bad things can happen in a blink of an eye. not to blame anyone but me.. i find that i have this very short term memory loss and it was like a file is not save or written properly in the memory disk and therefore i failed to read the process and it was like there was a delay in terms of time processing that the execution came out late or later than where it should be performing. in the world of computer it is bad.

well with this momentarily memory loss causes a much unexpected outcome..  my mind was working trying to remember what people do when their gadget fall into the water.DRY it. with all i have i triedto disassemble the pedometer and wipe it dry ..easy for the screen but not that easy for the inside parts. what is more frustrating is that one little screw was not giving much cooperation. it took another 2 hours after failing to unscrew the last screw that i found the one tool to finally remove the last screw.. that is what i thought the last.. but there were another 4 little (about 5mm) screws inside.. but thanks to the magic tool-all for one and one for all. with the hairdryer i think i did well on drying the pedometer inside out. but something else happened..... i lost one tiny little screw that the pedometer will not be complete without it. this is what they say looking for a needle in a haystack? well the flooring are white 1 foot square tiles and i was looking for a silver 4mm~5mm screw. applying some csi technique by screening each square foot of tiles to find nothing at all.. about 22 hours later tonight giving up looking for the one missing screw i assembled the pedometer back to how it should looks like.(it was pretty easy actually - gadgets are made precisely to fit the case which covers the inside more like the bones that fits in the skin .perfectly into place. so you will have no problem when you seems to be destroying the gadget. the point is to remember how  or where the parts you removed should be-ironically i forgot to remove the pedometer from my jeans pocket or else i wouldnt have to do all these things.)

i go as far as to buy a set of  precision screwdriver to work with the tiny screws. Alhamdulillah luckilly the pedometer works!!!!! yey yeya! missing one screw is nothing but that doesnt stops me from thinking of getting a replace for the missing screw - perhaps from other unused gadget that might fits in the missing screw and secure the pedometer.. well thinking is a very powerful mind exercise.. with thinking all the possibilities of where i can get a tiny screw an idea popped up - what if the screw didnt fall on the floor but it landed somewhere closer to the place i dissembled the pedometer. YES! it was right there, a place where you least expected it would be. lessons learned: never give up, give it a try, think! it is a powerful tool and think of other possibilities not just in a bigger view but somewhere between small to medium somewhere others would not think as a possibility. the result is just amazing and awestruck.

just a reminder to myself to find solutions to problem the reasons might not be that complicated all i  need to do is THINK and give myself TIME.

p/s: if you dont have a screwdriver you can use any flat metal with corners, scissors, letter opener, and simply using the metal nail file in your manicure set; if it can fit the slotted or phillips screw head. but if the screw head is flat hexagon head screw or allen screw it is best to use its very own matching tool the allen key. who can fix it?Bob the Builder!!!

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